How to Know If Gold Jewelry is Real?

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is a popular choice for jewelry lovers because it has a timeless look Gold is also a valuable metal.

How to Know If Gold Jewelry is Real?

Gold jewelry is a popular choice for jewelry lovers because it has a timeless look Gold is also a valuable metal which means that gold jewelry can be expensive If you’re thinking about buying gold jewelry you need to know the different types of gold and how to test them. In this guide, we’ll be sharing a little bit of how to test them. 

NOTE: Regarding most international standards, if the piece of jewelry is less than 41.7% or 10 karats of gold is considered fake.

Testing Gold with Household Items

Drop your Gold jewelry into a container of water to see if it sinks. Get a jug big enough to hold both the water and the jewelry you’d like to test. you can use any water temperature, it's preferable to use warm water. So, if it's Real gold jewelry it will falls directly to the bottom of jug as the gold considered from a dense metal. But if the jewelry float so it's not a real gold as due to its lighter. 

NOTE: Real gold jewelry will not tarnish or rust when wet, so if the jewelry become discoloration, it was plated gold.

Testing Gold with Drops of Vinegar

Set Your jewelry piece onto a flat surface, then add a few drops of vinegar by using the eyedropper to your gold jewelry piece and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Finally, you will get that the fake gold color will change in spite of the real gold won't change color.

Using A bar Of Magnet

For this test, the First thing you need is a strong magnet that could pull even metal blends, then you could start to hold the magnet over the gold jewelry and observe how it reacts. So, if the bar of magnet pulls the gold toward it, your piece of jewelry is either fake or impure, Because Gold isn’t magnetic.

NOTE:  The magnet test isn’t foolproof because counterfeit gold can be made with non-magnetic metal like stainless steel Also some genuine gold items are made with magnetic metals such as iron.


Find Any Noticeable Discolorations

Check the edges of your jewelry and coins for any noticeable discolorations where the gold has worn away Gold is soft metal that wears away over time The best checking places are around the edges of jewelry piece These dots often rub up against your clothing and skin throughout the day. If you see a different metal underneath the gold then you know your item is plated and not considered real gold. For example, silver might indicate silver or titanium while copper could indicate by red color.

Using a Nitric Acid Test

You can get the acid you need to test gold from a kit Testing kits to include different bottles of nitric acid for testing different types of gold, as well as a flat rock called a touchstone that you scratch off some of your item's gold with You, may also see needles with samples of yellow and white gold to compare to your item Kits are available online as well as at stores of gold jewelry in UAE like most jewelers use this test for its accuracy.


An unglazed ceramic plate or piece of tile may be scraped with a gold nugget. Real gold will produce a gold trail or mark. Other metals such as copper or silver will leave a black trail.

Stamp Test

Look for an engraved hallmark on your jewelry This stamp identifies your metal’s content and/or manufacturer It may take a little bit of detective work to find but grab yourself a magnifying glass and look on the back and sides of your jewelry The hallmark will be numbers that fall under either the Karat system or the Millesimal Fineness system. You can find lists of all the purity numbers you may find and if the numbers are not similar to these values, so they're fake not real.

There are many ways to purchase gold jewelry online You may want to learn more about the online store before you complete your purchase or you might want to learn more about the different types of gold and how they compare in quality Regardless it’s important that you take a few steps to ensure that you’re purchasing high-quality jewelry at a fair price

Judging the quality of gold jewelry in UAE is no easy feat in fact many people aren’t even aware that it can be done! But if you want to make sure the next piece you buy is real gold the following tips will help.

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